Short Fiction:

It’s not such a big world anymore, that’s what they said, and I made fun, I said the globe does fit in your hands, but to me the world always felt large and I wanted all of it for myself. Elizabeth got the Internet on her computer; she read the news from fourteen different countries, could tell me the weather in London; the world’s as small as this screen, she said. Esther could lie in the clover and swear she felt the pulse of children and mothers on the other side of the earth, straight through the middle, through all the lava and tar. How could the world be big when she could feel the heartbeat of anyone as if she held them in her arms? And Ron Malynn, my husband of fifty-six years, Ron said it was the transportation systems: the interstate highways that Eisenhower laid out, I-81 right over our town, Lace, Virginia, and anyone from California could zoom past overhead; then the flights, hop a plane for anywhere, like our son the newsman does…

Keep reading: “Edna” in Newfound: An Inquiry of Place (July 2011).


So did you testify? Sandy Pratt asked me, before she quit the diner to go off to beauty school in Blacksburg.

Yes, I said. —I spoke on all the Lord’s done for me.

What about what you done for the Lord? She was smoking, with that real thoughtful, squinty look out toward the trash bins by the funeral parlor…

Keep reading: “Testimony” on Featured Artist page of The Tusculum Review (May 2014).


Creative Nonfiction:

During the hottest dog days of August, Betty mixed biscuits wearing just her bra and slip, no matter who was around. Outside the screen door of the house in Spencer, the kids squatted to shoot marbles—a yarn-string circle in the driveway dust, one kid thumbing the aggie and launching it toward the prettiest cateye with the orange and black ribboned center. When the aim was good, the aggie smacked the cateye and sent it flying to the dog’s dent in the dirt under the porch. It rolled to the center like a bead in a dish, and the dog went after it for his own.

Keep reading: “The Helicopter” in Cheat River Review, Issue 1, Fall 2013.


Write the whole painting and do not stop. Sunday is bitter cabbage and the glimpse of shapes down a brief hallway, involved and intent shapes. I am more cognizant of breath on Sunday—the way, as bodies lying on our sides like long-legged fetuses, we are aware of the heart thudding in the ear. On Sunday (a day welled up with the week past and the week to come such that you experience all the days at once like a person set down, weary, before a painting) breath feels like the respiration of time, like God’s breath. I am losing my morning heat from the down-pocket of bed, enclosing myself in sweaters, but still I cool and require the space heater this day early in Lent. Sunday is breath and chill and stillness, the bitter salted cabbage as I help make the kraut, its tangy smell hazing the hallway.

Keep reading: “Sunday Morning Coming Down” in Willow Springs 79.


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